About Us

The Delatorre  Family – How it all started

Back in September of 2006, Ole & Elena Delatorre, along with their 3 sons, Abraham, Alfredo and Daniel, started renovating an old building that would become the family  business.

After 5 months of hard work, it opened its doors to the public and was successful from day one.

Thanks to the people of Black Mountain and all the visitors, the business grew and expanded to a larger location in the same vicinity. Hard work, team work  and dedication paid off.  Eight years later, the DeLatorres opened a second location in Johnson City, TN along with their son Alfredo and Ole’s brother Abraham.

Thank you for your continuous support! And thank you to Black Mountain Birdie for the kind words and glowing review!

Ole and Elena (Founders)
Daniel Waiting Tables
Abraham and Alfredo Washing Dishes
The Delatorre Family 2007
Old Building in Black Mountain, NC

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